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“This book looks simple but it will kick your butt.”

—Steven Pressfield // Best-selling Author, The War of Art

You are a good mom


Has anyone told you today, “You are a good mom”?

I just paid a therapist one hundred dollars so she could say to me, “You are a good mom.”

When I scheduled the appointment I didn’t know what I needed. Maybe I just wanted someone to listen to me, someone who would listen without telling me what to do, someone who would encourage and not condemn.

God looks at the heart like I tried to look at my burnt meatloaf

    The meatloaf was cooking  when I left to go and do an errand. According to my calculation it would be  cooked by the time I got home. As I was driving home I started to worry, Did I turn down the oven before I left? I thought I did. I know I  set the [...]

The Artist’s Manifesto: Fight Resistance and Create

The Artist's Manifesto

Well, today is April First. Today is the day I promised you I would publish my ebook on my blog. And here it is. I really wasn’t lying to you. This is not an April Fool’s joke.

I am excited to share my book, The Artist’s Manifesto: Fight Resistance and Create. This book has taken me months to write and edit. I hope it encourages you to fight the negative voices in your head.

She is my daughter. She is not my granddaughter.

She is my daughter. She is not my granddaughter.

I am old enough to be my daughter’s grandmother. I will be fifty-six this fall. My daughter was born in 2002 when I was forty-three years old.

I know I could die my hair to avoid the comments. The hair on my head is brown with grey on the sides. I wear it long.

cry out to Jesus

Third Day, cry out to jesus

my heart is broken

the world is falling on me



cry out to Jesus

5 features that should make you suspicious about a mole and number 5 is the easiest one to miss.

The Dermatologist looked at my skin today as I stood facing the wall in the room at the end of the hallway. All I had on were my glasses and three earrings. Two in my right ear, and one in my left.  The back wall of the room had windows which spanned the width of [...]

“Daddy, I shot a bear.”

"Daddy, I shot a bear."

“Daddy, I shot a bear.”

“Hot spit! Did you have a tag?”


“I will fly down and help you with it.”

He flew from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, YXE, in his two seat, Green and White Citabria airplane, to Dawson Creek, British Columbia, YDQ, 973.90 air miles, to help me flesh and stretch my bear skin, the summer of 1982.

Your tears are being collected in a bottle

I walked into the classroom and cried. My friend held me while I sobbed. A friend to hold me and not ask why I was crying. Freedom to grieve and be comforted.

Let the tears come.

I crave writing like I use to crave cheesecake with raspberry sauce

The dogs are asleep in the kennel. The house is quiet. I am tired, but I crave writing. I crave writing like I use to crave cheesecake with raspberry sauce. It is 10:55 at night and I should go to bed.  I hate the word should. When I lived in Calgary in 1978, and went to [...]

Help! I am trapped in the kitchen with a puppy

Help me. Please.

I am trapped in the kitchen with a puppy. My life is over. For the rest of my life I will have to live in the kitchen with a puppy. The puppy will never grow up.